Deepa Anand Say That Finding balance is the key to her success

Deepa Anand

August 31, 2021

Deepa Anand Say That Finding balance is the key to her success

Deepa Anand relies on culture and meaningful connections to stay centered as the Indian tunic business grows.

Deepa Anand, a deep love of her Indian culture is key to personal growth and business success. As the owner of India’s top custom design company, Anand has enjoyed mega-success, but it has only increased her desire to give back and focus on the bigger picture. The tunics are sold at and personify a tranquil yet colorful aesthetic.

Deepa Anand’s background contributes to mindfulness.

To become calm amid stress, inner awareness is required, and Deepa Anand’s career and educational background contributed significantly to her incredible success as a designer and her success.

Deepa pursued child psychology as a career path before migrating to the United States after marriage. She quickly became part of the family’s home decor business and stayed for 38 years as the enterprise grew to the second-largest in the U.S.

Over time, Anand transitioned to the fashion industry and represented Indian culture in both the United States and Asia through unique, high-quality designs. The tunics at Bubbles Tunics are full of the expected color pops and maintain a structure through function and design and convey a sense of calm and dignity. These same qualities also transition to a carefully cultivated personal life for Deepa Anand style.

Finding tranquil moments

With a lifetime of hard work and a successful current enterprise, Deepa finds time to cultivate hobbies and focus on her Indian heritage. She works with various charities in India in both a financial and volunteer capacity and consistently represents Indian culture in her day-to-day efforts. Her work bringing Indian tunics to both the U.S. and Asian markets provides a unique opportunity to cultivate a greater appreciation for Indian design globally.

When she is not working, the former treasurer at National Register Agency, also enjoys spending time in the kitchen preparing unique dishes and devotes time to her passion pursuits of art, painting, and music. All can serve as inspiration for new business ideas and designs. Walking and hiking join yoga as more active hobbies, consistently providing fuel for new creative and industrial pursuits while providing a calm core ready to tackle tough personal and business decisions with grace, Deepa Anand says.