Deepa Anand Wants to Encourage You to Support Local Small Businesses

Deepa Anand

July 22, 2021

Deepa Anand Wants to Encourage You to Support Local Small Businesses

Deepa Anand, a small business owner, knows how convenient it can be to hop on Amazon and do all your shopping. However, while shopping with large retailers can be convenient, several benefits are often overlooked when shopping with local small businesses. You can make a huge difference by being conscious of where you spend your money and who you spend it with. Here are a few of the key reasons why you should consider shopping with small businesses.

Shop Small Businesses for Community Growth

Deepa Anand states that one of the biggest reasons you should support local small businesses is that they help your community grow. Local small businesses help to fill in the brick and mortar stores in your area. They help to provide jobs for the community. And small businesses are typically the ones who support your local little league teams or your local high school band. Small businesses help to give communities their identity and help to enrich the local community.

Deepa Anand States Small Businesses Can Add Unique Variety

Deepa Anand says that you should support small businesses because you can find unique items at small businesses. Small businesses often carry unique goods that you may not be able to find at large retailers. Large retailers may only have specific brands, specific sizes, or specific colors. If you want something that is unique and stands out, shopping at large retailers may not be your best option. Small retailers may be the way to go. For example, Ms. Anand sells beautiful, handmade tunics that cannot be found anywhere else.

Deepa Anand Reminds You About the Economic Impact of Supporting Small Businesses

Deepa Anand explains that the last reason you should support small businesses is the economic impact helping small businesses has. It is important to shop where the company is investing back in the community. Small business owners typically invest their money right back into their company. They also tend to spend their money locally, such as buying a home locally or shopping in the area. This type of expenditure and reinvesting helps a community significantly more than lining the pockets of a company owned by a billionaire.

Deepa Anand is a proud small business owner. She knows the last year and a half has been challenging for many small business owners, and many are trying their best to stay afloat. Spending money with your local small businesses helps support the business owners in your area, which can also help your community and the local area’s economy.

Deepa Anand, a local small business owner, knows the importance of being conscious of where you spend your money. This is why she recommends you shop for local small businesses.